What Is Summers In Session?

This event is a powerful opportunity to uplift foster children, offering them the unique joy of starting their school year on the right foot—literally. We are on a mission to equip these kids with more than just new shoes; we're giving them the choice and the chance to walk into school with heads held high and hearts full of confidence. Each child will personally select their pair of Nike shoes, ensuring that this gesture of support perfectly matches their style and needs.

With the generous proceeds from this event, FTF will purchase these shoes, transforming your donations into direct steps toward empowerment. This August, during a summer camp sponsored by Journey Home, these kids will receive their chosen pairs, marking a moment of pure happiness and belonging.

Journey Home is an essential partner in this endeavor, amplifying our efforts to reach as many foster children as possible. Together, we're not just giving away shoes; we're crafting moments of choice, joy, and dignity for these incredible kids. The impact of your donation extends far beyond a pair of shoes—it's a pledge that these children are seen, supported, and celebrated.

Join us in making this school year unforgettable for foster kids. The more we raise, the more choices and smiles we can provide. Your support turns into a tangible symbol of hope and confidence as they step into their new school year. 

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